What we do


Tiigi team with years experience in the theme park constructions and large art works, fully engaged in the indoor, outdoor built enviroment planning, design and execution. 
We do extremely large work of art, painting applied to the surface of a wall, ceiling, or floor. It can be one of several different styles, sculpture creation or duplicating but all are designed to bring beauty to the buildings, whether inside or out. Many our works feature murals or FRP sculptures for shopping mall or theme parks or luxury homes . Sometime client also want us spot one on the side of a downtown building. Sometimes we use an outdoor mural to introduce color and brightness and to distract the eye from industrial stacks and machinery for client.

Though most people are likely familiar with outdoor murals or sculptures they might only associate an indoor one with works like Michelangelo’s famous Creation or Last Judgment, both adorning the inside of the Sistine Chapel. The Renaissance embraced artists who excelled at realism, leaving works unrivaled to this day but our works will  bring you same atmosphere.  Our indoor mural sometimes used to open up a wall by extending an outdoor landscape or by transforming a room into an exotic jungle, Roman bath, or scenic mountaintop. Or a fleur de lis-inspired mural over a doorway adds an authentic French flair and can tie in antique furnishings, creating a nice theme.