Production process

1. Commissioned design
Business negotiating, communication and understanding, the effect described, to provide information on the reference survey measurement, depicting the scene, case assessment, estimated price, contract negotiations

2. Functional planning
Collect data, analysis and planning, idea portrayed Design, impact assessment

3. Effect attributes
Body style determine the production elements of assessment to determine the architecture design, the overall planning

4. Completion of the contract
Determine production deadlines, Qing paragraph, warranty, quality maintenance

5. Determine the production design
Drawing, modeling, production scaled-down model, drawing scaled down diagram to determine the production of design drawings and models

6. Execution and Produce
Making the kind of three-dimensional modeling, draw production in kind, on-site coordination, fabrication and installation of on-site

7. Close Case and Tracking
Review the case strengths and weaknesses, and the information of the case file, the crime scene change from time to time, the amendment